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A Rhonda Hamilton's Policy Position Statement on Crime and Disorder:

Lawlessness has become commonplace in our present-day society. The permissive attitudes of the executive, and judiciary elected officials who legislate on a national level, I believe, sets the tone for this moral decay. 

Criminals and anarchists who prey upon decent law-abiding citizens are too often rewarded for misconduct through never ending justification, and platitudes from those in high places who seem to have lost their concern for the vast segment of Americans that strongly believe in law and order.

We bear much of the "root causes" for the depredations committed in our streets, towns, and cities.  The apparent absence of respect for the law on the part of the perpetrators of these offenses is a testament of our need as a society, and as elected leaders to always operate as accountable stewards responsibly demonstrating the proper standards of law that must be upheld.  

A Rhonda Hamilton administration will support a society, and a government in which there is an attitude of respect for the law, and for those who seek its enforcement.  As an advocate for the citizens, I will always insist that the judiciary be ever mindful of their primary duty, and function of punishing the guilty, acknowledging the unhealthy, while also protecting the innocent.

A Rhonda Hamilton administration will foster full support for law enforcement agencies, and officers at every level of government and situations in which their actions will not be unreasonably fettered by arbitrary judicial decrees.  

Additionally, all law enforcement agencies and officers at every level of government will be held to transparent, and accountable measures for all situations, and behaviors where the public safety of District citizens, and society as a whole have been placed in danger or harmed as a result of negligent actions, unlawful, or criminal conduct.

Rhonda Hamilton will insist on fair and equal treatment for all persons before the bar of justice.

Rhonda Hamilton will provide every assistance to the continued training, and improvement of our law enforcement facilities at the federal and local level, providing and encouraging mutual cooperation between each in its own sphere of responsibility.

Rhonda Hamilton will support needed legislation, and actions to seek out, and bring to justice the criminal organizations of national, as well as those that are locally observed, and operating in our city.

Rhonda Hamilton will advocate for an Attorney General, who represents a person that is interested in the enforcement rather than the disruption of legal processes.  An Attorney General who will restore that office to the dignity, and stature that it deserves as well as requires.

Rhonda Hamilton will provide leadership, and action in a citywide effort against the usage of drugs, also drug addiction; attacking this problem at every level, and every source, with a full-scale campaign to help rehabilitate, and remove its hold off from our society.

Rhonda Hamilton will provide increased emphasis in the area of juvenile delinquency, and juvenile offenses in order to deter, educate, and help to rescue young offenders.

Rhonda Hamilton will not accept violence as the answer to any problem whether social, economic, or self-developed. Law violators will be treated as such, and subjected to prompt arrest, evaluation, and prosecution.

Rhonda Hamilton will oppose federal legislation to enforce the registration of guns by our citizens.  This measure would do little or nothing to deter criminal activity, but, rather, would prove restrictive to our decent, law-abiding citizens, and could well encourage further activity by criminally intentioned individuals. 

Rhonda Hamilton will preserve the right to take such reasonable measures as they deem appropriate in this area.

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