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A Rhonda Hamilton's Policy Position Statement On Domestic Policy:

Many District citizens have expressed their deeply rooted concerns regarding the domestic plight of our city. 

Having rebounded from years of decay and turmoil, there are areas that have largely been neglected.  The local schools, and other institutions stand stripped of their rightful authority; law enforcement agencies, and officers are hampered by arbitrary, and unreasonable restrictions imposed by a beguiled judiciary; crime runs rampant through the city; our climate advocates exist only through unrealistic governmental subsidies; public benefit rolls, and costs soar to astronomical heights; our great American institutions of learning in the District are in chaos; cost of living expenses continue to rise, as do taxes without representation; interest rates are reaching new heights; disciples of dissent, and disorder are rewarded for their disruptive actions at the expense of our law-abiding, God-fearing, hardworking citizenry. 

DC residents are alarmed that these conditions have come to exist, and that our city leadership takes no real community corrective action. 

The programs and policies of Rhonda Hamilton provide leadership and provide constructive proposals of action for the elimination of the conditions now existing. 

My position on domestic policy is designed to present the proposals and action programs of a Rhonda Hamilton administration.

This we would approach in the following manner:

  1.  Peace abroad and domestic tranquility at home.
  2.  An enlightened and advancing educational program, assisted but not controlled by the District of Columbia nor the Federal government.
  3.  Job training and opportunity for all DC residents willing, and able to seek and hold gainful employment.
  4.  An alliance and partnership with the private sector of our economy seeking an end to poverty among our people but not the expense of displacement of its residents.
  5.  Efficiency and prudence in governmental spending leading to a helpful and stable economy free from the need for ever continuing taxation.
  6.  Inclusion of clean energy in our program of prosperity, through private sector efforts, rather than total reliance on governmental subsidies.
  7.  Reestablishment of the authority and responsibility of local government by returning to those matters properly falling within DC jurisdiction and responsibility.
  8.  Ending the inflationary spiral of the past decade through fiscal responsibility, and efficiency in all echelons of government.
  9.  The orderly and economical utilization of the natural resources of this city coupled with a sensible program of conservation of these resources.
  10.  An insistence that the laboring man and woman be given his fair share of responsibility, and reward for the development of the mighty potential of this city.
  11.  A re-dedication of this city to the love of God and country, as well as the creation of a judiciary mindfulness that respects all DC citizens in this regard.

Paid for by:
Rhonda Hamilton 4 DC Mayor
Finance Committee,
Thomas Carpenter, Treasurer.
421 M Street N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance.

Campaign Headquarters: 
421 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone Number: (202) 486-6037
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