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A Rhonda Hamilton Policy Position Statement on Education:

Without question education offers the answer to many of the nation's social and economic problems. It is tragic that during the past two decades, while governed alternately by the Republican and Democratic parties, we have witnessed the deterioration of our public-school systems.

The state of disruption wherein the maintenance of order is the major problem, and quality education is a forgotten objective. Our educational leaders and administrators are discouraged and dismayed by the continuing attacks upon, and erosion of, their duties and authority by agents of the federal bureaucracy, and members of the federal judiciary.

Local educational officials have been stripped of their authority to administer the affairs of their school systems. Harassing directives and requirements of an unreasonable, and unrealistic nature are constantly being imposed upon them. Parents, students, and educators alike are distressed, confused, and at a loss as to where to turn for relief. 

Many of our institutions of higher learning have been completely disrupted by a small band of revolutionaries, encouraged by the permissive attitude of executive and judicial officials of government, and the activities of other anarchists throughout the nation.

Many of our primary and secondary school systems have become centers for social experimentation rather than centers of learning.

Our educational systems and institutions must once again be given the opportunity to resume their rightful duty of preparing the youth of America for entry into our highly competitive society.

As a first and immediate step we must absolutely prohibit the agencies and agents of the District government from intruding into and seeking to control the affairs of the local school systems of the District of Columbia. Control of these schools must be returned to the local officials, and representatives of the people, who have the rightful duty and authority to administer such schools.

Once returned to proper control, order must be restored, and education of our children must become the primary matter of concern in all schools. Sociological experiments must cease. The people of the District of Columbia and communities must be given the right to administer the affairs of their schools as they see fit without fear or threat or reprisal, economic, or punitive impositions from the federal government.

We must empower, as well as support the administrators of our institutions of higher learning to ensure that standards of academic measure, and accountability are properly maintained and adhered to.  We must support these officials in the restoration of order on their campuses, and we must always assure that no assistance, financial or otherwise, from the federal level be given to those seeking to disrupt and to destroy these great institutions.

America is a nation "Under God" and we must see that it remains as such a nation.

We must assure that the federal government assists in all phases of the educational processes of the nation without attempting to control these processes.

With these thoughts in mind:

I advocate for a greater role of the states in administering federal aid and in determining national policy.

I advocate for the return of our school systems to the states and to local, county, and city officials.

I advocate for support of administrators that oversee our educational institutions in their efforts to restore order to these institutions.

I advocate for fewer federal guidelines, regulations, administrative procedures, greater simplification, and consolidation of programs and procedures.

I advocate for less categorical aid, and for more general aid to states with funding provided well in advance.

I advocate for educational opportunities to be made available for all people regardless of race, creed, color, economic, or social status.

A Rhonda Hamilton Administration pledges to heavily invest in educational programs that support Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM). 

Our children are our most precious, and important assets.  My administration intends to equip them with all of the necessary, and "advanced" educational resources, as well as access to help ensure that yesterday's stain of racism, and today's discriminatory realities don't hinder their abilities to surpass the cycles, and repetition of exposures to systemic, and "pre-determined" outcomes.  Many minority families and people of color continue to navigate deficits created by intentional agendas to leave them behind. 

A Rhonda Hamilton Administration supports a "children now" agenda because innocent of historical "baggage", our children deserve a government that supports equal progression for all, regardless of ethnic, cultural, privileged, understandings.  Our children shall be equipped with opportunities to shed the "labels", "rhetoric", and "stigma" in order that they can become responsible, sensitive, aware, intentional leaders, and accountable stewards to the same democracy that has threatened to keep them pitted against one another because of their "inherited" differences and otherwise.

The complexities of education are many. Local officials are faced with tremendous pressures to provide early childhood education, increased teacher salaries, provide vocational technical education, improved elementary, secondary education, provide adult education, continuing education, urban, rural education, special educational needs, as well as provide for adequate mental health resources, and higher education, to include graduate and professional education.

The goals of the Rhonda Hamilton administration are to improve the educational opportunity for all Washingtonians from early childhood through the graduate level regardless of the existence of diagnosed health, medical, or socioeconomic challenges. We believe that the improvement of educational opportunities can best be accomplished at the local level with adequate support from the federal level.

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