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Dear Fellow Independent Citizens,

This Platform represents the attitude, policy, position, judgment, and determination of Rhonda Hamilton with respect to the major problems confronting the District of Columbia, and America.

Rhonda Hamilton believes that her analysis of the nature of these problems is in keeping with the feelings of the great majority of our people. We further feel that our approach to the solution of these matters is sound, logical, practical and attainable, and in keeping with the basic, inherent good judgment of the District of Columbia residents.


Among other proposals:

I offer order and domestic tranquility to a nation sorely beset by disorder.

I offer a program of job opportunities for the jobless.

I offer a return to respect for the law and an opportunity for every citizen to pursue his daily activities in safety and security.

I offer to relieve our citizens, their businesses, and institutions, from harassment and intimidation by agents of the federal bureaucracy.

I offer to return to the officials of local government those matters rightly and properly falling within their scope of responsibility.

I offer the laboring man and woman an opportunity to provide for himself and his family a better and fuller life, and a greater democratic freedom in the management of the affairs of his organizations, free from intrusion by the federal government.

I offer to the farmer an opportunity to regain a place of prominence in the economy of this nation, a fair price for the products of his labor and less dependence on federal subsidization.

I offer to restore the dignity, strength and prestige of this nation to a level commensurate with its position as acknowledged leader of the nations of the free world.

And, above all, I offer to each individual citizen a system of government recognizing his inherent dignity, and importance as an individual and affording him an opportunity to take a direct hand in the shaping of his own destiny, and the destiny of this nation. Under such a system, we are convinced America will reach new heights of greatness.

I am Mayoral Candidate Rhonda Hamilton, a third generation Washingtonian, a small business owner, daughter of the military, daughter of schizophrenia, and lover of my dear city which raised and helped to nurture me.  My experiences have helped to shape and mold me into the young, responsible citizen that I am. 

Yes, I am an Independent, but most importantly I am a humanitarian.  Writing "me" in, on November 8, 2022 should not be about party, but about humanity.  I am a leader who will always care about the people.  As the next Mayor of D.C. I intend to make it about Community!

Join me in speaking out against "injustice".  Please share your "whistleblowing" story on our website's blog.  It's time to clean up our local government!  Thank-you for standing on the side of what's right!

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