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A Rhonda Hamilton Policy Position Statement on Job Opportunities and the Impoverished:

I feel that the matter of our citizens in need, and the existence of job opportunities are so closely related as to warrant concurrent consideration.

I am convinced that the average American believes in the inherent dignity of gainful employment.  Furthermore, preferring this method of attaining a sustainable livelihood to any public grant or benefit that is not earned through their own efforts. I consider the solution to the problem of our less fortunate citizens, who are capable of gainful employment to be the provision of job opportunity. This will be a primary goal of the Rhonda Hamilton administration.

My first consideration will be the inclusion of private industry in this program and effort. I believe that the private sector of our economy has the will and capability of providing solutions to the problem of poverty, much more promptly, and efficiently than any or all governmental programs of indiscriminate welfare contributions. 

Based on this premise, the Rhonda Hamilton administration will work in partnership with private industry in a program mutually beneficial to each, to help ensure sustainable job opportunities. I propose to make this program economically attractive to industry through tax incentives and other means of economic benefit; believing fully that the answer to this problem lies in the vigor and capability of our tremendous free enterprise system.

I will propose that the local government aid and assist in a well-designed program of job training or retraining for those in need thereof. This will be represented at the vocational school, and lower-level educational environments. Whereby "in-training" programs can be carried out by private industry in cooperation with the government. and other like institutions designed to provide skilled and semi-skilled personnel for industrial and trade skill employment  

In the event a public works program becomes necessary to provide employment for all employable Washingtonians, Rhonda Hamilton's administration will provide such a program.  However, these programs will be needful and productive, assuring that the participants engage in labor beneficial to the nation, and its economy rather than becoming wards of the government, or recipients of gratuitous handouts.

For those that unemployable by reason of age, infirmity, disability or otherwise, provisions will be made for their adequate care through programs of social services based on the requirements and needs of each person. 

The residents of Washington, DC are the fiber of our city. Their well-being is essential to a strong America. Unfortunately, many of our citizens are unable to earn an adequate living, due to no fault of their own. Our aged, our blind, and our disabled who are unemployed are the concern of us all.

In every area of social welfare, rehabilitation should be of paramount concern. This includes physical restoration where possible, training to develop new skills, adult education in many instances, and broad cooperative endeavors between government and private industry to develop jobs that the less skilled can fill. 

I believe that every Washingtonian prefers independence and a wage earned. For those whose infirmities, age, or other problems prevent such independence, public benefit services should be adequate to provide a living with dignity and honor.

A Rhonda Hamilton administration holds that all Washingtonians are deserving of and will have the care, compassion and benefits of the fullness of life.

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