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A Rhonda Hamilton Policy Position Statement on Labor:

America has achieved its greatness through the combined energy, and efforts of the working men and women of this country. Retention of its greatness rests in their hands.

Through the means of their great trade organizations, these men, and women have exerted tremendous influence on the economic, and social life of the nation, and we have attained a standard of living known to no other nation. 

In the meantime, American labor has become a bulwark against the intrusion of foreign ideology into our free society. America, and Washington, DC must be eternally grateful to its working men and women.

My concern is that the gains in which the labor industry have struggled so long to obtain are not lost to inaction, or subservience to illogical domestic policies of our other national parties.

A Rhonda Hamilton Administration proposes and pledge:

To guarantee, and protect labor in its right of collective bargaining;

To assert leadership at the federal, and city levels, toward assuring labor its rightful reward for its contribution to the productivity of America;

To propose, and support programs designed to improve living, and employment conditions of our working men and women;

To prohibit intrusion by the District government into the internal affairs of labor organizations, seeking to direct, and control actions as to seniority and apprentice lists, and other prerogatives;

To provide for, and to protect the working men and women in the exercise of democratic processes, and principles in the conduct of the affairs of their organizations, free from threats, coercion, or reprisals from within or without such organizations;

To support programs, and legislation designed to afford an equitable minimum wage, desirable working hours, and conditions of employment, and protection in the event of adversity or unemployment;

To add efficiency, and dispatch to the actions, and activities of the National Labor Relations Board, resulting in more prompt decisions by this agency;

To pledge, and assure that labor will be adequately represented in all deliberations, and the administration of the affairs of government;

To cause all agents of government to refrain from any coercive action in strike settlements, serving in the role of counselor, and advisor only, believing that good faith bargaining between the parties concerned is the best solution to any settlement.

Paid for by:
Rhonda Hamilton 4 DC Mayor
Finance Committee,
Thomas Carpenter, Treasurer.
421 M Street N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance.

Campaign Headquarters: 
421 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone Number: (202) 486-6037
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