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Dear Citizens,

I would appreciate your support on November 8, 2022.

I am Mayoral Candidate Rhonda Hamilton, a third generation Washingtonian, a small business owner, daughter of the military, daughter of schizophrenia, and lover of my dear city which raised and helped to nurture me.  My experiences have helped to shape and mold me into the young, responsible citizen that I am.  

Yes, I am an Independent, but most importantly I am a humanitarian.  Writing "me" in, on November 8, 2022 should not be about party, but about humanity.  I am a leader who will always care about the people.  As the next Mayor of D.C. I intend to make it about Community!

Join me in speaking out against "injustice".  Please share your "whistleblowing" story on our website's blog.  It's time to clean up our local government!  Thank-you for standing on the side of what's right!

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