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Dear Republican Citizens,

The national economy must be restored to and maintained in a healthy, viable posture under conditions assuring to each individual American the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits arising from real prosperity, as distinguished from the false, inflationary conditions presently existing. As a first step the nation's business, industry and other agencies and organizations of production must be freed from the ever increasing intrusions of government into the affairs of these institutions and organizations. This nation achieved its economic greatness under a system of free enterprise, coupled with human effort and ingenuity, and thus it must remain. This will be the attitude and objective of Independent DC Mayoral Candidate Rhonda Hamilton.

There must be an end to inflation and the ever increasing cost of living. This is of vital concern to the laborer, the housewife, the farmer and the small business man, as well as the thousands of Washingtonians dependent upon their weekly or monthly income for sustenance. It wrecks the planned lives and retirement of our elderly who must survive on pensions or savings gauged by the standards of another day.

Rhonda Hamilton will take immediate, affirmative steps to bring these conditions to an end through selective decreases in the lavish expenditures of our federal government and through the institution of efficiency into the operation of the machinery of government, so badly plagued with duplication, overlapping and excesses in employment and programs. Bureaucracy will cease to exist solely for bureaucracy's own sake, and the institutions and functions of government will be judged by their efficiency of operation and their contribution to the lives and welfare of our citizens.

Rhonda Hamilton will support and assist business and industry in those areas needful and desirable, such as in the area of small business.

Rhonda Hamilton will enforce those laws designed to protect the consumer and wage earner, but will eliminate those programs and agencies serving only to harass and intimidate our business community.

Rhonda Hamilton will review and propose revisions to our present tax structure so as to ease the load of the small income citizen and to place upon all their rightful share of the tax burden.

Rhonda Hamilton will work toward a reduction in the tax burden for all our citizens, using as our tools efficiency and economy in the operation of government, the elimination of unnecessary and wasteful programs and reduction in government expenditures at home and abroad.

Rhonda Hamilton will eliminate the favorable treatment now accorded the giant, non-tax-paying foundations and institutions and require these organizations to assume their rightful responsibility as to the operation of our government.

To achieve these goals and objectives, we would use the government for the strengthening of the free enterprise system rather than the replacement of the free enterprise system by government. Rhonda Hamilton believes that strength and confidence in the District of Columbia political and economic system will tend to encourage domestic private investment and prosperity in our economy.

Rhonda Hamilton would propose that effective use be made during our administration of economic advisors dedicated to the preservation and strengthening of our economic freedoms in the areas of enterprise, labor and marketing that have contributed so much to the strength of the American system.

Our administration will be dedicated to the maintenance of prosperity and price stability in our economy. Rhonda Hamilton will institute a strong anti-inflationary fiscal, monetary and debt management policy in our nation as the first requirement to solving international problems.

Rhonda Hamilton proposes to rely heavily upon a competitive market structure rather than upon prices administered or fixed by bureaucratic procedures.

Rhonda Hamilton does not propose to use periodic, intermittent tax adjustments or surcharges as a tool of economic policy under the guise of stabilizing the inflationary spiral we are experiencing.

Rhonda Hamilton feels little is done to curb inflationary trends in the nation's economy merely by taking from the taxpayer in order to enrich the spending programs of big government. We propose, rather, a stabilized and equitable tax base affording fair treatment to those of small income and designed to cause all persons, organizations and foundations to assume their rightful financial responsibility for government coupled with selective and prudent reductions in the wasteful expenditures of government.

I am Mayoral Candidate Rhonda Hamilton, a third generation Washingtonian, a small business owner, daughter of the military, daughter of schizophrenia, and lover of my dear city which raised and helped to nurture me.  My experiences have helped to shape and mold me into the young, responsible citizen that I am.  

Yes, I am an Independent, but most importantly I am a humanitarian.  Writing "me" in, on November 8, 2022 should not be about party, but about humanity.  I am a leader who will always care about the people.  As the next Mayor of D.C. I intend to make it about Community!

Join me in speaking out against "injustice".  Please share your "whistleblowing" story on our website's blog.  It's time to clean up our local government!  Thank-you for standing on the side of what's right!

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