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A Rhonda Hamilton's Policy Position Statement:

A sense of destiny pervades the creation of a “community first” Platform that personifies the ideals, hopes, aspirations, and proposals for the Nation’s Capital residents.

As our great city searched vainly for leadership beset by protest from every jurisdiction, both nationally, and globally at the expense of DC residents, minority group uprisings previously known as rebellions, domestic disorders, and student protests evolved. 

These uprisings were fueled by the existence of spiraling living costs, soaring interest rates, a frightening increase in the crime rate, war abroad, and the loss of personal liberties at home; while our national political parties, and their leaders, paid homage to the legions of dissent and disorder, as they seemingly worshipped at the shrine of political expediency.

I, Rhonda Hamilton, am truly a community centric Independent who believes in the American ideals.  It is with this belief that I possessed the courage, and fortitude to openly propose, and to advocate to the residents of the District of Columbia, those actions which I deem are necessary in order that we return this great city to its accustomed and deserved position of leadership.

The urban areas of our city are in a state of social, and economic unrest, largely brought about through unfilled promises that were hastily, and carelessly made.  Additionally, the failure of ill-conceived programs enacted under duress, and compulsion have also contributed to our city's current state of failure surrounding too many matters involving community. 

For this, we must hold responsible the current city leadership of the other two parties, for they were joint partners in this disastrous course of action resulting in the situation now existing in our city.

I object to a federal, and local policy which has poured millions of dollars into our city over the past decades, but which has not been able to prevent their stagnation, and decay.  This has directly resulted in the "flight" of thousands of former Washingtonians to other suburbs. 

Additional millions will be poured into DC in the same manner, whether such huge sums are to be raised from taxes on the middle class in general, or by unwelcomed taxes on Washingtonians as a whole. 

I submit that no government can buy contentment for those living in DC.  I will advocate for the formulation of a mutually arrived at, joint federal, state, and local policy which will make it economically, and socially attractive, as well as physically safe for people to live again in all sections of our dear city. 

Specifically, there must be a restoration, and maintenance of law and order before any program, no matter how well conceived, will succeed. I pledge to this accomplishment and will exert forceful leadership at the local level to such effort.

Those persons that are totally unfitted by training, background, and environment for urban living who have been lured to the metropolitan areas by the wholly false promises, and commitments of self-seeking Political leaders must be afforded an opportunity for training, or in the alternative, an opportunity to return to gainful employment in the less urbanized area from whence they came.

This I propose to accomplish in conjunction with private industry through a program of diversification, and decentralization of expanding industry into areas away from some Wards, thereby providing relief for many of the problems of the area while providing productive life for those afforded the opportunity to depart these overcrowded Wards.

I advocate assistance, but not control, to local governmental units from the federal level to enable them to cope with their multiplicity of problems, in order that they will be better prepared to offer and dispatch applicable solutions.

I advocate and will sponsor a partnership with the private sector of our economy in the restoration of job opportunities, and a healthy living environment to our city through programs made economically attractive to industry, and that will provide benefits overall to our community of residents.

I will support programs designed to provide means by which homeownership can become a reality to our city dwellers, thereby instilling a greater feeling of dignity, stability, and responsibility in those benefiting from such a program.

Above all, there must be a restoration of order in our city as a prelude to any program of assistance, for without order neither government nor private industry will meet with success. Herein lies the cause of much of our dear city's failure in the past.

Amidst our community of nations, and our District of Columbia residents I have sought to not only offer hope, but also relief from the continued turmoil, frustration, and confusion brought about through the fearful, and inept leadership of our city’s political parties.

It is to this end, and for this purpose that I, Rhonda Hamilton have designed my DC Mayoral platform. Herein will be set forth the policies, attitude, proposals, and positions of Rhonda Hamilton as an Independent, with matters of deepest concern to the average DC resident, his/her home, his/her family, his/her property, his/her employment, his/her right to safety and security in the pursuit of the activities of his/her daily life, his/her right to freedom from interference and harassment caused by the government at all levels.  Lastly, one’s pride in himself/herself, this nation, and our great city, (DC) and all that it has stood for are the catalysts upon which I intend to usher in a refreshingly new era of change in the Nation’s Capital.

I, Rhonda Hamilton, am an American, and a proud daughter of a military veteran, who also has an intense devotion to her country, and to her city (DC).  While my dear city currently glorifies its accomplishments, I am saddened by its failures and shortcomings.  As an advocate for the citizens of DC, I have been tolerant of the mistakes made by our political leaders when their actions have appeared to be in good faith, and also directed to the best interest of the residents.  However, I have grown confused, and dismayed when these same political leaders desert the principle of government for the people, and knowingly dedicate themselves to minority appeasement, as DC leaves its residents behind.

Therefore, it is with much fortitude, and commitment that my day one agenda as the next Mayor of Washington, D.C. will include my promise to "Overhaul the Overall" systems that continue to impede the presence of a higher standard of living, and accessibility for all DC residents, who currently have not favorably been impacted by the economic presence of sustainable growth, and prosperity which is evident in our city for some but not all.  

Equality for all DC residents begins with the election, and succession of Rhonda Hamilton as DC's new Mayor.  

On November 8, 2022 "Write-in" Rhonda Hamilton, and let's put an end to more of the same!  It's time for the citizens of D.C. to win!

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Rhonda Hamilton 4 DC Mayor
Finance Committee,
Thomas Carpenter, Treasurer.
421 M Street N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002
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421 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone Number: (202) 486-6037
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