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A Rhonda Hamilton Policy Position Statement on Veteran Affairs:

America owes no other group of citizens as much as it does our veterans. 

To all of our self-sacrificing, and patriotic individuals who have risked their lives for our nation, and its principles in past wars, and conflicts, as well as to protect our freedom here at home, the Rhonda Hamilton Administration pledges its unyielding support, and commitment.

All veterans and military families will have the appropriate, and necessary resources needed, as well as the political will to ensure that their dedications to country, family, and D.C. remain at the forefront of my administration's continued efforts to raise, and to maintain the standard of living for all DC citizens and veterans.   

We pledge to you, and your dependents our assurance of active, and vigorous assistance in seeking out job opportunities, job training, further educational, sustainable housing, and business opportunities. We likewise will support programs that will provide educational benefits to children of deceased veterans in order that they may receive a quality education and participate in America's competitive society of the future.

We pledge to our veterans, their families, and dependents the cooperation, and active assistance of their government in providing adequate medical treatment and hospital care. Veterans' benefits. and disability benefits will be updated and revised periodically in order to meet the increased cost of living. The Veterans Administration and its hospitals will remain as an independent agency of the government.  Their fundamental objective is to serve our veterans and their families successfully, and with accountability always.

A Rhonda Hamilton Administration will work to transparently address all matters pertaining to military culture in DC with the highest levels of care, respect, and integrity.  As a daughter of the military my objective as Mayor will be to elevate all matters involving our military, and their families to ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten or overshadowed.

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Rhonda Hamilton 4 DC Mayor
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Thomas Carpenter, Treasurer.
421 M Street N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002
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